Baker Tilly’s recently completed, independent economic study shows Clinton County heading for million-dollar deficits.

(Image: P. 6, Baker Tilly “Comprehensive Financial Plan (2017-2023) Clinton County, Indiana”, edited)

The same report also says a wind energy project could turn Clinton County’s $1.1 million deficit into a $2.5 million surplus by 2023.

(Image: P. 6, Baker Tilly “Comprehensive Financial Plan (2017-2023) Clinton County, Indiana”)

The county ordered this report, now it’s time for the County Commission to lift the moratorium and consider a wind energy project.

If you believe Clinton County should at least consider the benefits of a wind project, PLEASE tell your County Commissioners…

Steve Woods (Dist. 1)
President Josh Uitts (Dist. 2)
Scott Shoemaker (Dist. 3)

…they need to act now and lift the moratorium.


Call now at 765-659-6309 and/or email your administrator, Jerri Sexton

JUST 35 to 52 turbines would provide the county with:

  • $30+ million in tax revenue for Clinton County over 30 years to support essential services like local first responders, schools, and more.

  • $25+ million paid for labor and construction companies, and a commitment to hire and spend locally when possible.

  • 200+ temporary construction jobs; 10 long-term, good-paying local jobs; and a commitment to hire locally when possible.

  • $25+ million in stable, yearly lease payments to Clinton County family farmers, ranchers, and landowners over 30 years, all while using just 1% of their land.

  • Miles of local road upgrades at no cost to taxpayers.

  • Enough energy to power 50,000 homes.