By the numbers

Proposed turbines


Power produced

Power 50K homes

Total investment

$250 Million

Distance from any home:

Over ¼ mile

Land use

  • The turbines would share agricultural land with mostly corn and soybeans, and some pasture/livestock. The project site encompasses 39,330 leased acres across seven townships in the eastern half of Clinton County: Forest, Johnson, Kirklin, Michigan, Owen, Sugar Creek and Warren. While there are more than 39,000 acres participating in the project, each of the 35-52 turbines would only take up about half an acre – enabling farmers, ranchers, and landowners to continue their current land use on more than 99% of the land in the project.
  • E.ON has 300+ lease agreements with 400+ leaseholders.


  • 145 Megawatts of clean, inexpensive, homegrown energy with 35 to 52 turbines – enough to power around 50,000 homes every year. Proposed completion in 2021 with an operational life of 25-30 years.
Clean, inexpensive, homegrown energy

145 Megawatts

Economic benefits

  • $250 million total investment in Clinton County.
  • County income: More than $30 million in tax revenue for Clinton County over 30 years to support local first responders, schools, and other essential services.
  • Tax relief: Additional county income can also reduce the tax burden on residents.
  • Construction income: More than $25 million paid to mainly local labor and construction companies.
  • Agricultural stability: More than $25 million in stable lease payments to Clinton County family farmers, ranchers, and landowners for over 30 years after full build-out. (Turbines use just 1% of a farmer’s land)
  • Jobs: 200+ temporary construction jobs; 10 long-term, good-paying local jobs; and a commitment to hire locally when possible.
  • Roads: Miles of local road upgrades at no cost to taxpayers.

Meet the team

Lael Eason

Director of Development – Midwest/Northeast Region
Lael leads and manages all wind project development activities within the Midwest / Northeast Regions from inception to construction and finance handoff. His specific duties include: managing site identification, land acquisition, interconnection, environmental studies, permitting, title, survey and other real estate matters.

Bob Zahn

Development Liaison – Midwest
Bob works to support all phases and aspects of development. His specific duties include: land acquisition and project support for a potential Clinton Wind Farm; meeting with landowners and local stakeholders, and supporting all permitting efforts.